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 The RockCandy Rose Gardens has a long history of entertaining large groups of people.  The Gardens are the family home of Candy J. Lee, previously known as Candace Sweesy. The then “Sweesy Farm and Social Parlor” was the home of the famous Pig Party where groups of 100 plus would gather each year and weigh in to attend the event.  The price of entry was 2 ½ cents a pound plus a potluck item.  The Pig Party featured a whole roast pig stuffed with sausage and later a huge spit-turned baron of beef. 

My Mom (Fran) & Dad (Bob).jpg
Hilary & Marge Rocke's parents weighing in.jpg

     Bob & Fran Sweesy were the ultimate entertainers, swing dancers, and martini drinkers. Fran was instrumental in the expansion of the Arboretum Rose Garden and was known as the Rose Lady to her friends in the community. Bob was always the Bartender and the life of the party.  

Pig Party Flyer.jpg

Candy & her Husband, Rocke Koreis, took over the family property and are busy repurposing the property for others to enjoy for their fresh flowers and events. They both enjoy creating and sharing beauty through woodworking, floral arranging, and stained. glass creations in their new dream woodworking shop and art room. 

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