RockCandy Rose Gardens Features:

·         1400 square foot back deck with water feature, totem pole, several dozen super-sized geraniums.  The upper deck makes a perfect podium for your events. 
·         For the super-hot Yakima summers days the large deck is equipped with a commercial misting system that can cool the deck by 15 degrees on a hot day.
·         400 square foot Euonymus vine shaded front deck provides a quiet get away and it’s steps are a favorite location for group photos.
·         Large back lawn for outdoor or tented celebrations and ceremonies.
·         The side yard is partially shaded by rows of flowering trees and flanked by rose gardens that make an excellent space for a large dining party.
·         The small side lawn off the large deck can be used to increase seating for events staged on the back deck.
·         Three car garage/pavilion off the large deck features a vaulted ceilings, air conditioning and even a Tesla charging station.  It provides an excellent covered staging area for food and refreshments.
·         Tables, chairs and linen for a sit down dinner for 50 on the back deck or for use in staging your special event.
·         Newly remodeled gourmet kitchen, with dual ovens, large refrigerator, 9 ½ foot island, espresso station and wet bar flaked by a glass bump out room and a cozy fireplace conversational area. 
·         12’ X 12’ fold up tent available if needed.
·         Ample parking available. 


Weekdays: $1500/day (Monday through Thursday)

Friday through Sunday $2500/day

Weekends: $5000 Friday afternoon through Sunday